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Plugin-In for Google Earth:

The Plug-In from and assists you when your planing your vacation in the USA.  This Plug-In shows the exact location of important cities and beaches in the USA. Links to and provide you with more informations. Some pages are still in german. An english translation is in progress.

Download of the Beach Plug-In from
(Version: Beta 1.00E)

More USA Beach Plug-Ins:

Download USA Atlantic North Beach Plug-In
(Version: 1.00E)

Download USA Atlantic Central Beach Plug-In
(Version: 1.00E)

Download Florida Beach Plug-In
(Version: 1.00E)

Download Gulf of Mexico Beach Plug-In
(Version: 1.00E)

Download Great Lakes Beach Plug-In
(Version: 1.00E)

Download California BeachPlug-In
(Version: 1.00E)

Download USA Pacific Northwest Beach Plug-In
(Version: 1.00E)


Route planner und USA Beach Maps:
The data from our Google Earth Beach Plug-In can also be used for the route planning. Our Beach Maps connects our Beach data with Google Maps.

- Atlantic Northern Coast Beach Map:
Overview of the Beaches at the northern Atlantic Coast.

- Atlantic Central Beach Map:
Overview of the Beaches at the central Atlantic Coast.

- Florida Beach Map:
Overview of the beaches in Florida.

- Gulf of Mexico Beach Map:
Overview of the beaches at the Gulf of Mexico.

- Great Lakes Beach Map:
Overview of the beaches at the Great Lakes.

- California Beach Map:
Overview of the beaches in California.

- Pazific Coast Northwestern Coast Beach Map:
Overview of the beaches at the northwestern Pacific Coast of the USA.

- USA Beach Map (Continental USA):
Overview of the beaches at the continental coast of the USA.


Beach Searchengine:
The Beach Searchengine helps you to search our beach database. Beach Searchengine of


Beach Video Overview:
Various beach videos are located at our Beach Video Site from

Fig.: The beaches of the USA at our USA Beach Plug In (early version) for Google Earth.

Need assistance? How to install the Googlr Earth Beach Plug-Ins:
After the  installation of Google Earth (Download it here), you just have to start the Plug-In. You can start it directly from our homepage (always the newest Version) or download it and start it from your computer. Google Earth starts automatically  with our Beach Plug-Ins.

Attention: No liability is assumed for the downloads. All downloads and the use are at your own risk. No liability is taken for the content, caused damages, the functionality and all other occuring problems.





Abb.: The Beaches in Florida at our USA Beach Plug In (early version) for Google Earth.

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Attention / Warning: Shorelines may be unsafe and can be inhabited by dangerous plants and wildlife. Beach conditions can depend on the weather conditions. Always check the current conditions of the weather and the beach. Ask a Ranger or a Lifeguard about the current conditions. Look for warning signs and warning flags.

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