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General Beach Information:
The conditions at the beaches are depending on the weather and are changeing during the year. At some beaches there are rip currents. Conditions may change within a short period of time. Always check the current conditions. Ask a Ranger or a Lifeguard.


There are some basic rules at shorelines: never turn your back on the ocean, obey warning notes, signs & flags, never swim alone and don’t swim with a full stomach!
A turbulent surface of the water may indicate dangerous currents. If the water disappears without a reason, it may indicate a tsunami! In this case, leave the shore immediately and get on top of a mountain, that is as high as possible.
Sharks may get close to the beach too. Especially in the morning and at dusk. They like the low water close to the beach.
Always stay close to the beach. If you get into a rip current, swim parallel to the beach until you leave the rip current. Then you can return to the beach easily. It is important that you don’t panic. If you can’t leave the current, try to alert a Lifeguard or other persons.


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Attention / Warning: Shorelines may be unsafe and can be inhabited by dangerous plants and wildlife. Beach conditions can depend on the weather conditions. Always check the current conditions of the weather and the beach. Ask a Ranger or a Lifeguard about the current conditions. Look for warning signs and warning flags.

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