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Fig.: Various beaches in Maui are popular hawaiian surf spots.

Beaches at the northern East Coast of Maui.

Beach Overview of the beaches at the Eastern Coast of Maui from the northwest to the southeast:

Hana Beach Park:
The rather small beach at the Hana Beach Park is located in a small bay at the city of Hana, at the East Coast of Maui. Grills, tables, showers and restrooms are provided at this beach. Pieces of broken glas and some trash is lying in the sand. Pillars made of concrete are situated in the water. No entrance fee and no parking fee is charged at the Hana Beach Park at the East Coast of Maui (as at: September 2011).












Red Sand Beach:
The Red Sand Beach is located at a rather unspoiled coastline in the city of Hana. The trail to the Red Sand Beach leads over private property. Signs from the owner inform that the trail to the beach is open to the public.  The trail leads along the coastline and is steep and slippery. If the trail gets wet, it may become unpassable. Good shoes are necessary at this trail. Some parts of the trail are dangerous! Because of the remote location of the Red Sand Beach, it is also popular as inofficial nude beach. The rocks in the water create a kind of natural tidal pool at the Red Sand Beach in Maui. No facilities are provided at this beach. No parking lot is provided at the Red Sand Beach in Hana, Maui. A few free parking spots are located along the roadside of the dead end (southeastern end of the Uakea Road in Hana), that leads to the trailhead (as at: September 2011).













Koki Beach:
Koki Beach is located southeast of the city of Hana in Maui. The waves are rather big at the small beach at the Koki Beach. A warning sign warns about the risks at this beach.  No facilities are provided at this beach. Only a few unpaved parking spaces are available along the roadside. No parking fee and no entrance fee is charged at the Koki Beach (as at: September 2011).












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